Hazeldean North Queensland Bull Sale, Gracemere, 2017


Tuesday, 22nd August, 2017 
70 Angus & Senegus Bulls
Gracemere, Rockhampton, QLD

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All bulls semen tested (see below)  and blooded.


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Semen Testing Analysis explanation

Senegus sires include sons of our latest up and coming Senegus sires including Hazeldean Manfred, 5 Star Senepol 316 and 135

Details of 2017 Sale will be posted closer to sale date
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Dear Cattle breeder,

The bulls we put in this catalogue are bred and selected to improve two things critical to profitability in the northern beef industry – reproduction and carcase value.

The most important of these is reproduction. All of us are not so much in the beef industry as the reproduction industry and we have seen the devastating effects low reproduction rates have on total farm profitability. It is even more significant now as beef producers try to rebuild numbers after years of drought with the prohibitive cost of buying in replacement breeders making the only feasible option breeding up.

We believe the breeding priorities of a seedstock business needs to exactly reflect the real world economics of running a commercial beef breeding business. The number one priority is to produce an animal whose progeny will survive and thrive in your environment. The number two priority is to maximise the number of live calves hitting the ground each year with the female portion of these reaching puberty early and rebreeding regularly without calving difficulty. Once these two criteria have been ticked off the number 3 priority is to start putting on more kilos of beef per head of higher eating quality meat.


The Hazeldean program has been geared around these correctly prioritised breeding objectives for over 50 years. We produce Senegus cattle because they are genetically adapted to the north Australian environment as well as including the positive reproductive aspects of Hazeldean Angus and the well known buyer preference for Angus infused cattle.

We look forward to seeing you on sale day.




Jim Litchfield     


Hazeldean has bred Angus seedstock since 1952. In 2001 we imported Senepol semen and embryos from the USA and established the Hazeldean Senepol and Senegus (Senepol x Angus) studs.  In 2006 the Senepol stud was sold - the stud continuing and expanding its Senegus herd.

Hazeldean sells 450 bulls each year and has been selling bulls in Queensland since 1994. 


Northern beef producers are looking to improve herd fertility and carcase quality whilst maintaining environmental suitability. Although the Bos Indicus influence has brought many positives to the industry, animals with more Bos Taurus traits will help to unlock the challenges on fertility and carcase quality in northern herds.


Hazeldean has been experts in the production of seedstock since 1865, starting with Merinos and progressing to incorporate Angus in 1952. Our core focus has always been, and continues to be, performance. In all Hazeldean seedstock enterprises we aim to produce the most profitable animal for the commercial producer. Hazeldean senegus is no different.

Hazeldean senegus has been developed to bring to the North, a tropically adapted Bos Taurus animal with supreme fertility, carcase and doing ability to help deliver increased returns through higher value carcases and more fertile animals to northern producers.



Hazeldean Senegus cattle provide a very distinct advantage and application to commercial beef breeding operations in the North focused on increased production and efficiency as well as higher value carcases from hot northern environments.

The Hazeldean Senegus program incorporates the incomparable depth of breeding, doing ability, fertility and carcase Hazeldean Angus are known for with the tropical adaptation and high carcase attributes of the senepol.

There is no doubt, cattle with higher Angus content demand premiums over those with Bos Indicus content in the sale yards. Hazeldean Senegus are quiet, fertile, have strong maternal traits, and are now in herds right up into the Gulf. They have increased fertility with higher conception rates and weaning percentages. Carcase data from Senegus steers is also outstanding. By maintaining Bos Taurus blood we believe Hazeldean Senegus has the potential to lift the profitability of beef producers in northern Australia considerably.


Hazeldean sire's exceptional performance in Angus Australia Sire Benchmarking Programme

The progeny of Hazeldean sires NHZF493 and NHZF1023 part of cohort 3 of the AA sire benchmarking programme have performed exceptionally well, in all traits including calving ease, growth, and particularly carcase– Out of progeny from 40 sires F1023 progeny ranked 1st for carcase IMF and 2nd for MSA index and F493 progeny were ranked 3rd, 2nd and 4th for 200, 400 & 600 day weight, also performing at the top for carcase traits.









Scan IMF

Carcase IMF

Scan EMA

MSA marble score

MSA Index


Progeny rank out of 40 sires













Progeny rank out of 40 sires












There were 24 progeny from F1023 and 29 progeny from F493  (Click on ID to view EBV's & pedigree)
Summary of results of cohort 3

For full results go to AA 

As per Hazeldean's semen interests, Hazeldean retains the semen rights for both of these bulls


Hazeldean Sales information


Hazeldean Guarantee and Replacements, Refunds, Credits

Although we do our very best to ensure every bull we catalogue sees out many years of good service, occasionally premature breakdowns occur. In this event we guarantee unconditionally all bulls for 12 months from purchase and further if poor reproduction results from a genetic defect we were unaware of pre-sale. Our policy is to look after the people who look after us so if there is a problem please let us know.

To resolve the issue of a bull breakdown we will work with you to achieve the best outcome for your breeding enterprise. In the instance of a bull breaking down during the breeding season we will endeavour to find a replacement and get him to you ASAP. If you are able to cover the breakdown with a spare, then we will either offer a replacement at a later date or issue a credit equivalent to the purchase price of the original bull that you can use at a future sale.


Semen Interests
Hazeldean retains 100% semen interest and marketing rights on all bulls sold, including if they are onsold. However this does not stop the purchaser from collecting and using semen in their own herd. The bulls are sold with full physical ownership to the buyer. If Hazeldean decides to collect and market semen from any bull sold, we will arrange and pay for transport and collection costs, and organise a suitable time to collect the bull.



Any animal that either dies or has to be destroyed due to injury within 28 days of sale will be replaced or refunded by Hazeldean. Additional insurance to cover death or loss of use after 28 days can be arrang



Health Check

All sale bulls are thoroughly assessed by a vet prior to sale. Animals displaying faults likely to interfiere with a normal & productive life are culled

The Hazeldean herd has been assessed & tested under the National Johnes Disease Market Assurance Program & holds an MN3 (monitored negative 3) status, the highest level.

Bulls are vaccinated for Vibriosis, Pestivirus, and receive a 7 in 1 vaccination

Queensland sale bulls are vaccinated for 3 day sickness and tick fever

We recommend that you organise a pre-mating bull examination at least 6 weeks prior to joining to ensure that he is in the best of health & capable of producing pregnancies. This should include a serving ability test where the bull is observed serving a cow or heifer.