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We are holding our Inaugural Hazeldean Northern Performance Bull Sale, Gracemere on October 18th near Rockhampton where we will offer 50 Senegus Bulls and 20 Angus Bulls.   view sale page

Senegus bull calves contain the very best Angus genetics together with those of the Senepol, thereby having a distinct advantage and application to commercial breeding operations focused on increased meat quality and higher value carcases as part of their breeding goals.

Hazeldean Senegus sale bulls

Hazeldean senegus bulls are fertile, have excellent growth and carcase EBV's,  are quiet  & easy to handle, slick coated and well suited to the climate and conditions in northern Australia.They have increased fertiltiy with higher conception rates and weaning percentages. Carcase data from Senegus steers is also outstanding. (see Performance).

Hazeldean senegus bulls are thriving in northern Australia,  producing thick, robust, quiet calves with excellent carcase.

There is no doubt at the sale yards, cattle with more Angus content demand a premium over those with more brahman content.

                                                                                            senegus calves at "Southernwood" near Emerald, QLD                                                                                                                       
Calves by Hazeldean Senegus bulls at Kim Lansdownes property   "Southernwood" near Emerald, Queensland  - they have benefited from a significant lift in fertility & conception rates........read the article in The Hazeldean Letter - July 2012    

Reay & Lindy Cowan, beef producers near Hughenden in North Queensland have been using Hazeldean Senegus bulls for many years.

"Our first senegus bulls came from Hazeldean in 2005. We were very pleased with the predictability of the progeny and have continued to buy their bulls almost on an annual basis."

"Grass-fed steer trials have been held in this area over the last few years. Steers from local producers go into a common paddock to grow out over a 12-15 month period. Although usually among the youngest in the trial our steers consistently perform very well."


Contract Breeding

Hazeldean offers a contract breeding service to provide large lines of bulls.

Contact us  to discuss your bull breeding requirements

The feedback we receive from clients in the hotter parts of the country is invariably positive, reinforcing our own experience with the Senegus cattle and the great contribution they can make to northern beef production programs.