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Hazeldean rams provide to woolgrowers advantages over other ram sources as they produce sheep with higher fleece value. This is due to their ability to deliver low fibre diameter to their progeny without the usual sacrifice in fleeceweight.


Hazeldean is recognized as being able to consistently and successfully break the nexus between high fleeceweights and high fibre diameter. Hazeldean  has demonstrated this conclusively through independent analysis many times.
No other stud has been assessed more thoroughly and more often than Hazeldean. 


If you look at the Sheep Genetics website - Hazeldean Rams perform at the very top of ASBV's - if you compare the Hazeldean Ram Sale catalogues to other studs their performance is unrivalled with most animals in at least the top 10% of the industry drop for index and for high fleece weight together with low micron. 

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Hazeldean rams go through a stringent, 3 stage assessment procedure before being presented for sale:

  • Ram lambs are identified at lamb marking, bodyweighed at weaning and at 10 months of age visually classed prior to fibre testing and fleeceweighing.
  • Immediately following shearing they are body weighed again and scan data and scrotal size recorded.
  • Approximately 4 months after shearing they are re-assessed with the return of processed performance data including pedigree information.
  • Sale grades are established on the basis of performance ranking and culls are removed and sold.
  • The very best rams with sire potential are identified as Reserves and put aside for further analysis.


Sales take place in October. In January, the Reserves are again classed, fibre tested, fleeceweighed and body weighed off shears.

This second stage test of Reserves  forms a large contemporary group, giving greater accuracy to individual measurements. Once performance data is returned, it forms the basis of the final selection of the elite young sires suitable for mating in the stud flock.

In February each year, a team of 20 elite rams are put up for auction at our Annual Woolgrowers Breakfast and Elite Ram Sale. These rams are the most accurately tested and highest performing rams on offer - a unique opportunity to source these industry leaders just once a year. Due to high demand for rams in 2017 - there will be no sale in Feb 2018

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Hazeldean Merinos
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Sale Rams

Hazeldean rams are priced and graded on their ability to generate money. Fleece weight, fibre diameter and body weight are accurately measured and used to establish the amount of genetic benefit our rams will bring to their progeny. All are highly heritable traits and provide the best basis on which to establish sale price. The very highest value rams are auctioned, the rams with the next highest value are placed in our top private selection grade and so on.


Sale grades:

  • $1200 grade 
  • $1000 grade
  • $800 grade


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Hazeldean guarantees and stands by every ram it sells.
All rams are sold with a 1 year guarantee of refund or replacement if rams fail to meet the expectations of the buyer.


Breeding Objectives and Selection Indexes explained


Perhaps more than any other seedstock source, Hazeldean has set about to determine as accurately as possible its relative position, in terms of economic value to the entire stud Merino industry. The quest continues with Hazeldean firmly placed right at the top.

Hazeldean Genetic Trend over the last 10 years. Hazeldean has far heavier fleeces than the average, that are also much finer than the average.  Click to view