•  Hazeldean Monaro Ram Sale 2017



story courtesey The Land October 31 2017


Indicative of the current strong interest in quality Merino sheep with conformation and heavy-cutting fleeces, the Litchfield family’s Hazeldean Merino stud, Cooma sold 163 rams to top of $5000 and averaged $2530 which was indicative of the consistent bidding right through the auction.


Such was the potential pre-sale demand for rams, a further 60 were added to the sale over and above the 104 catalogued.


Confidence in the Hazeldean genetics was also evident with solid support from long-term clients including Bill Brewis, “Murranumbla”, Dalgety, who has been sourcing rams from Hazeldean since the early 1970s. Mr Brewis paid $5000 for his pick of the Hazeldean offering and said he considered the ram was the heaviest-cutting potential sire in the catalogue.

“He has a great sire head and the highest greasy fleece weight and with the lustre and nourishment in his wool, will be a great addition to our flock,” he said.


“I like the integrity of the Hazeldean sheep; they still look the same after 12 months as when we bought them today.”

Mr Brewis selected a draft of three rams for an average $3500.


Volume buyers and loyal supporters of Hazeldean genetics, Tony and Alex Hill, “Springvale”, Cootamundra, were assisted by Orange-based sheep consultant, Jason Southwell, in their purchase of 14 rams to top $4250 at an average $3018; Warrigal Creek Nominees, “Warrigal Creek”, Darriman, Victoria, took 12 rams south of the border for average price $2250 and J. W and R. M Guthrie, “Meadowbank”, Delegate, added 11 rams to their sire battery for a $2614 average price.

Southern tablelands wool growers, Brian and Helen Anderson, “Lower Sylvia Vale”, Binda, purchased nine new rams to top of $4500 and an average $3695.


Their Merino ewe flock, with average fibre diameter for fleece line of 18.1-micron and classed by Rick Power, Landmark studstock, Grenfell, won the ninth annual ANZ Agribusiness Crookwell Flock Ewe competition in 2017 for the second time in five years. 


Other volume buyers included R. and D. Maclure and Son, “Dunedin”, Tarcutta, who selected eight rams to top $4250 (twice) for an average price of $3375; Chris Komos, Willow Bend Station, Boorowa, bought 18 rams for an average $1958 while Street Brothers, Ocean Grove, Victoria, purchased seven rams for average price of $1250.


Sheep breeding consultant, Craig Wilson, purchased six rams on behalf of T. A. Field Estates Pty Ltd, “Benangaroo”, Jugiong, to a top of $3250 (twice) and an average $2750, and advised James Larritt, Woodstock Partnership, Cooma, in his selection of four rams for an average price of $3000. 


Springfield Grazing, Cooma, added to the genetic strength of their self-replacing Merino flock with the purchase of eight young sires for an average $1750 while interstate buyer, Chelwood Farming, Mintaro, SA, bought four rams to a top of $4250 at an average price of $3687.


Butmaroo Station, Bungendore, purchased two rams at $3000 and $3500 respectively; Romani Pastoral Co, “Garangula”, Harden, bought two rams at $2750 apiece and “Narrangullen”, Yass, also bought two rams at $2750 and $2000.

The sale was conducted by Elders, Cooma, with Tamworth-based auctioneer, Paul Dooley, on the rostrum.

Jim and Bea Litchfield, Hazeldean Merinos, Cooma, with the top priced ram bought by Bill and Sarah Brewis, Dalgety, and held by Sam Green, Elders, Cooma.



  •  Hazeldean Riverina Ram Sale 2017


story courtesey The Land October 19 2017


The strong demand for quality merino genetics in 2017 has continued with the Litchfield family recording an increase of $808 on the 2016 average of their Riverina offering with the 2017 offering averaging $2704.


The 2017 Hazeldean Riverina ram sale was held on-property “Rosevale”, Hay, and saw 97 Merino and Poll Merino Rams of the 99 offered reach a high of $6000 in a solid consistent sale that recorded a $2704 average.


Poll Merino’s were in particular demand with 23 rams averaging $3446 including the top price ram of the sale.

He was sired by the renowned Hazeldean Hugh the number one sire on both the fiber production plus and merino production plus (MP+) indicies and well as being a trait leader for yearling clean fleece weight (YCFW), yearling fiber diameter (YFD), and yearling staple strength (YSS).


Hugh had 21 sons in the offering and is the perfect example of Hazeldean’s idiology “Hazledean Rams cut more wool that is of higher value, on a sheep with lower maintenance requirements, giving more profit per hectare”.

The top price ram was purchased by Adam Mort, “Tallawnga”, Mudgee, he was in the top 10 per cent of the Merino breed for YCFW, YSS, and MP+ and top 20pc for YFD.


Hugh also sired the second top price ram also in the top 10pc for YCFW  and MP+ and top 20pc for YFD.

He was purchased by Gringegalgona Stud Partnership, Vasey, Victoria for $5500.


While JAB Shorter & Son, “Boola”, Barren Junction paid $5250 the third top money for another Hugh son.

He was in the top 10pc for YCFW, YSS, MP+ and top 20PC for YFD. The Shorter’s also purchased a second Hugh son for $4500.


Greystones, Rowsley, Vic, put on a demonstration for volume buyers putting together a line of 12 rams for an average of $3438 paying to a top of $4500 for a Hugh son.


Tottington Pty Ltd, Tottington, Vic, kept pace also purchasing 12 rams but found value with an average price of $1873.

TA Feild Estate, “Wyvern”, Carrathool, topped up the ram team with 10 purchased for a $2275 average.


South Australian’s AB Eckert & Sons, Strathalbyn, also put together 10 for a $2150 average. Goorama Pastoral Company, “Low Lynne”, Galong, loaded eight for an average price of $3563.


While Gringegalgona Stud Partnership added to their purchase of the second top price ram with a further seven rams to average $3438 on the eight.


The sale was conducted by Landmark with Paul Dooley, Tamworth the guest auctioneer.


Purchaser of the top price ram at Hazeldean Hay Ram sale Adam Mort, "Tallawanga", Mudgee, with auctioneer Paul Dooley, Tamworth; and Hazeldean's Jim and Bea Litchfield



  • Hazeldean Best of the Best Rams Sale 2017


At last week's Best of the Best Ram Sale, 25 registered bidders from the Monaro as well as Humula, Cathcart, Burren Junction, Turramurra, Springvale, Binda, Galong, Reids Flat, Walgett, Yeoval  and Cohuna vied for the 30 rams on offer.


25 rams sold at auction for an average of $3,227.Top price was $6,500 for Lot 2, a son of 11.3542 (Hugh), to JAB Shorter & Son “Boola” Burren Junction, long time Hazeldean supporters and buyers of the top priced ram at the Hazeldean Monaro Ram Sale in November.



The rams for auction were the top rams on offer at Hazeldean and the most scrutinised and highest accuracy rams put up for sale each year. They had been run in a large contemporary group of young rams and had 2 fleece measurements including full fibre test and fleeceweight at 10 months & 17 months of age. They also had two classings prior to each shearing, a yearling body weight and stringent off shears assessment. 
Other buyers were Peter Hare, Cohuna, Victoria who bought 3, and Murdoch Bros. Bibbenluke who bought 4.


  • Hazeldean Riverina Ram Sale 2016


story courtesy The Land November 2016


The annual Hazeldean Merino ram sale at “Rosevale”, Hay, had been postponed for two weeks due to the very wet conditions, but loyal clients understood and returned to once again secure their sire requirements from the stud with a high reputation for breeding Merino and Poll Merino rams with the conformation to match their figures.

The top price at $5200 was paid for a Poll Merino son of Centre Plus Poll 907538, while the top price for a Merino ram was $3200 paid for a son Hazeldean 11000043.
Overall 100 rams sold from 103 offered for sale average $1896. "We had great support from existing buyers with interest shown by new purchasers", said stud principal Jim Litchfield.

The top price ram was bought by return client Tony Flannery, Galong who purchased a draft of 8 rams for average of $2825. Mr. Flannery selected the top oriced ram for his outstanding ASBV's including MP+ index of 160.37 with micron 18.73.

"I thought he was an outstanding ram who will continue to to improve the quality of my flock," he said. "Overall he has a great structure to match his figures and a lot of wool."

Among volume buyers, TA Field Estates, Wyvern Station, Carrathool, purchased 26 rams for average price $1562 to add to their sire battery, while long term clients Tony and Alex Hill Cootamundra enhanced their Hazeldean blood flock with the purchase of 13 rams to top $3200 and average $2154.

Victorian wool grower Tottington Pty Ltd. St Arnaud purchased 11 rams for avaerage $1364 while Lee Aldersey Boorowa extended their interest in Hazeldean to buy 8 rams for average $1887.


Bea and Jim Litchfield, Hazeldean Merinos, Cooma, with Tony Flanery, "Lowlynn", Galong, and his top priced purchase at $5,200.



  • Hazeldean Monaro Ram Sale 2016


story courtesy The Land October 2016


The 2016 Hazeldean Merinos Monaro Ram Sale where 139 quality rams were presented for auction by the Litchfield family, realised a top price of $15,500 with average price of $2200 for 126 sold.


Stud principal, Jim Litchfield, reflecting upon the prices paid for his quality offering, said it was “the best top price for many years.”


“The sheep presented well and I am pleased with the result, especially as we had many repeat clients her today,” Mr Litchfield said.


The top priced ram, at $15,500 was bought by Dave and Erica Shorter, “Boola”, Burren Junction, and they were attracted to their new sire for his outstanding production of quality wool on a balance body.

“His wool was beautiful and there is plenty of it,” Mr Shorter said.


He intends to join his new sire with specially selected five year Poll Merino ewes, recently purchased with Ballatherie Poll and Uardry Poll bloodlines.


Bea Litchfield, Hazeldean Merinos, Cooma (centre) with Erica and Dave Shorter, "Boola", Burren Junction, and the top priced ram at $15,500 purchased by the Shorter family.



  • Hazeldean 150th Anniversary Ram Sale 2015


story courtesy The Land November 5 2015


One hundred and fifty years of breeding was on show at the Litchfield family's annusal Hazeldean Merino ram sale at Cooma, as the prelude to a black tie gala evening for the family's sesquicentenary celebrations.

A Poll Merino ram topped the sale at $7500 with 113 rams averaging $2077 across the draft. In the breakdown, 82 Merino rams topped at $500 twice to average $2057, while 31 Poll Merino rams topped at $7500 and averaged $2089.

The top priced $7500 ram was bought by Stephen Silcock, Gringegalgona Stud Partnership, Vasey, Vic, for its great yearling and weaning weights combined with 18.57 micron fibre diameter and impressive fleece weight figure.

The ram was by the NR120191 sier with a 3.45 SD, 18.82 % CV, 19.32 CFW ASBV, 3.228 yearling weight and 145.09 MP+ figure.

Mr Silcock has recently disbanded his stud, but has been a strong supporter of Hazeldean for many years to source genetics for his stud and 17,000head Merino operation.

'Aubrey Fowler & Co. "Rapanui" Williams WA, paid $4500 for one of the top horned rams along with a buddy for $4000 to make the long trek back across the Nullabor. Mr. Fowlers top ram was by the 100958 sire and measured 18.56 FD, 2.99SD and 16.13 CV, combined with a CFW firgure of 15.16, 3.5 YWT and MP+ of 147.61, while his second sire by the same ram with a CFW of 11, 4.57 YWT and 143.45 MP+ index.


Brian Anderson, "Lower Sylvia Vale" Binda came chasing 12 rams but only took home five at auction including the second top horned rams at $500 averaging an impressive $3350.

His top ram, was again by the 100958 sire, with a 17.89 FD, 5.3 YWT and MP+ of 148.

But it was the return buyer gallery that again put a solid floor in the market with regular top-priced buyer BE & NA Tremain "Kynuna", Yeoval, getting pipped on the top ram before loading up four others to average $2675, with a top of $3750.

Irwin McLure, Tarcutta set the pace early in the sale securing 7 rams to $3250 averaging $2536; Maple Brown Investments Cootamundra loaded 8 at $1444, and Warrigal Creek Nominees Vic purchased 6 at $1958.

The action continued as a rolling contingent of buyers jumped in and out of the sale. Goorama Galon paid to $4000 for another son of 100958 in a draft of 3 averaging$2833, while Michael Field TA FIeld Estates Jugiong were on hand as classer Craig Wilson secured 12 high performing rams at $1658 and Curry Flat partnership, Nimmitabel got 6 at $1458.

Other contributors included Woodstock partnership with 5 at $1560, Robertan Pastoral Co. Vic settled into their rhythm mid-way through the sale buying 6 at $1633 as did JW Guthrie Delegate who landed 8 at $1731.


Tony Hill Cootamundra paid to $4000 and averaged $2800 for 5 rams and WS Alder bought 4 at $2063.

The sale was a culmination of a years worth of celebrations for the Litchfield family and was the prelude to the 360 guests attending the 150 year anniversary dinner after the sale..



  • Hazeldean Riverina Ram Sale 2015


story courtesy The Land October 22


A very hot northerly wind blowing across the Riverina plain didn’t restrict the bidding on the 101 Merino and Poll Merino rams offered by the Litchfield family at their annual on-property sale at “Rosevale” Hay.

Celebrating 150 years of breeding Merinos, current current studmaster Jim Litchfield said he and his family were very proud of the rams they were presenting at the auction.

“The sheep are looking particularly well this season,” Mr Litchfield said. It is pleasing to see the positive outlook for both sheep and wool.”

There was a total clearance of the 101 rams offered with an overall average price of $1849. Indicative values during the sale included a top price of $4200 for a Merino ram, with an average price of $1835 for the 65 rams sold; and $4000 for a Poll Merino ram with average price of $1897 for the 36 rams sold.

Tony and Samantha Flannery, “Lowlynn”, Galong, purchased both of the top priced rams, which were included in their draft of nine rams for an average price of $2689.


The Flannery family have been sourcing Hazeldean genetics for the past five years, and annually join 6500 Merino ewes on their property. They were assisted in their selection by classer Craig Wilson. 

"We like the Hazeldean rams because their wool and genetic traits are measured", Mr. Flannery said.

Another repeat client, Lee Aldersey, Boorowa also saw the use of measurable traits was an attractive point when purchasing rams. He has been using Hazeldean genetics for the past 20 years, and purchased 8 for an average of $1725. Chris Komor Boorowa purchased 11 fro $1844 average. "I focus on the data so we have a good feel of where we are going with our flock" he said.

Riverina sheep producers purchasing significant drafts of rams included TA Field Estates, Carathool which averaged 15 at $1147 and Frank Headon Hay who bought 8 to average $1475. Leigh Harrison manager of Greystones, Rowsley, Vic purchased 10 rams to a top of $3800 to average $2718.

Interstate buyers included the Butler Family Newstead who purchased six rams to top of $2400 and average of $1733; TottinghamPty Ltd which purchased 11 rams to average $1418 and the Chisholm family Seymour which selected four sires to $3600 to average $2200.

Long time supporters of Hazeldean Merinos, Tony and Alex Hill Cootamundra selected a draft of 11 to top of $3800 and average of $2718.

Bea and Jim Litchfield with top priced ram purchasers Tony & Sam Flannery "Lowlynn", Galon

 see pictures of the sale on Hazeldean's Facebook page  


  • Hazeldean Cooma Ram Sale 2014


story courtesy The Land October 30

A TOTAL clearance of 108 rams topped at $3600 at the Hazeldean Merino annual Cooma ram sale on Wednesday.

The Litchfield family and their team at Cooma achieved an average of $1537 with buyers coming from across NSW and down into Victoria.

The top-priced ram went to the Maclure family of “Dunedin”, Tarcutta, who selected a Hazeldean 10-5204 son growing 18.2 micron wool with a 2.97-mircon standard deviation (SD), and a 16.39 per cent coefficient variation (CV).

They took eight rams altogether averaging $2425.

Another volume buyer was Brian and Emily Anderson, “Lower Sylvia Vale”, Binda, who loaded nine rams to join to their 3400 Merino ewes, averaging 18.5 micron. Their load of rams, selected on confirmation and structure, averaged $2088.


                                             The Maclure Family- 3 generations, with Paul Dooley Auctioneer & Jim Litchfield


  • Hazeldean Riverina Ram Sale 2014



Story courtesy The Land Niovember 2014


Hazeldean Merino stud showed why it has such a strong commercial following across Australia, selling 98 rams to just 17 buyers last week.

The Annual Hazeldean Riverina Merino and Poll Merino ram sale held at the Litchfield family's Hay property, Rosevale, offered 107 Merino and Poll Merino rams, which sold to a top of $8250 to average $2089, up from $1776 last year and a huge increase from the $1226 average in  2012.

In the draft was a selection of 20 spring drop, May shorn rams that caught the eye of many, helping to push the top of the draft to $5750 to average $2343.

The 50 Poll rams sold from the 55 offered average $2222 and 48 horned rams from 52 offered average $1950.

The top ram was a poll son of CentrePlus 09.7538, with a Merino Plus Index of 180 and 27.5 per cent for greasy fleece weight.

The ram measured 16 micron, with a 3.79-micron SD, a 23.17pc CV and 99.4pc comfort factor.

The ram was snapped up by return buyers David, Erica and Lucy Shorter, Burren Junction who aim to buy top end rams every year to breed their own rams for their 19micron, 2000 ewe flock.

He said he wanted big rams with a big wool cut and the ability to breed fast growing progeny. He bought four rams by 09.7538 averaging $4113, with a further 2 rams.

Goorama Pty Ltd, bought 11 horned and poll rams to a top of $5750, to average $2722 across their draft, while Leigh Harrison, buying for DEA Gibson, Rowley, VIC matched Goorama's intensity, also buying 11 polled and horned rams to a $4000 top, averaging $2727.

Craig Wilson bought rams on behalf of his clients, including Woodstock Partnership, Cooma,  JE and C McClure, Wagga, and the Glasson Family, Dalgety.

Long time supporter Tony Hill, Cootamundra put together a draft of 11 rams, topping at $3000 and averaging $2473, with the help of Jason Southwell, McMichael and Assoc. FR Butler and sons, Newstead averaged three polled and one horned ram at $1150 while Robertan Pastoral, Navarre, VIC purchased four to a $2200 top, averaging $1775.

Willow Bend Station, Boorowa with classer Michael Corkhill secured nine rams at a $1489 average, while South Australian buyer AB Eckert and Sons averaged six at $1467 and L and HM Aldersey, took five at $2240.

 View RIverina 2014 pre-sale video






  • Hazeldean Elite Ram Sale 2014

watch pre-sale video

The 5th Annual Elite Ram Sale and Woolgrowers breakfast held on February 20th saw a group of interested clients and woolgrowers enjoy bacon and egg rolls before settling in to listen to Sandy McEachern from Holmes and Sackett present the "Profile of the Most Profitable Merino Breeder".
His enlightening presentation began with a slide that read "The most profitable wool growers make embarrassing profits" and he went on to tell us how they did this. Following on from Sandy was Doug Alcock from Graz Prophet  Consulting who presented on how to better analyse and utilise wether trial results.

The ram sale followed at 10.30am with a full clearance of the 25 rams selling to a top of $2400 twice and average of $1744.
First sale topper, Lot 1 a ram by Stockman Poll 02-0603 sold to Rob and Ian Wilson, the other selling to regular supporter Sean Beasley for a son of Hazeldean top sire 3561. Volume buyer was Oliver Cay who bought 9 rams for various properties.


  • Hazeldean Cooma Ram Sale 2013 

 November 14th 2013 - highlights & interviews

 (5 mins)

More videos


story courtesy The Land November 2013

The Monaro Merino week finished on a high last Thursday as the Litchfield family’s Hazeldean merinos, Cooma, topped the week with a $7000 high and drew one of the largest crowds seen during the week.

With the $7000 top came strong support from regular clients who have seen the production, fertility and productivity the Hazeldean rams offer, clearing  110 rams to average an impressive $1770.In the wrap-up, 16 Poll Merino rams topped the sale at $7000 and averaged $1925, while 94 Merino rams average $1744.

The top ram was snapped up by the Tremain Family, Yeoval, for $7000 after being pushed all the way by a 30-year veteran of the Hazeldean sales, Buster Dawes, WA.

The top ram was a poll son of Stockman Jim 2.0603, with an ASBV index of 161 and +18 for clean fleece weight, along with tests of 19.4-micron fibre diameter, 3.54-micron SD, and 18.04 % CV.

Mr Tremain said he had tremendous results with the Hazeldean bloodlines and he put this down to the fact the Hazeldean rams had been bred with commercial goals in mind.

Jock Allen, “Kiah Lake” paid $4800 for a poll son of Coromandel 7.0002 after also being pushed by Mr Dawes who headed home empty handed after the long trip t from WA.

Volume buyers played their part as Tony Hill, Cootoamnudra secured 15 rams at the top end of the sale, paying to $3400 and averaging $2560. Mr. Hill also bought 15 rams at the Hazeldean Riverina sale in October, but said he was a bit surprised the Cooma rams cost him nearly $400 a piece dearer than he expected to pay on the back of the Riverina sale.

R and D McClure and Son, Tarcutta, played hard in the early parts of the sale, securing six Merino rams to a high of $3200, averaging $2300, while fellow Tarcutta local, Peter Smith, paid $3600 and $3200 for 2 stylish rams, along with a third ram at $1000.

Geoff & Helen Litchfield, Numeralla, paid $2200 and $2400 for two rams with ASBV indexes up to 173, testing 17.5 and 18.3 micron, while Elizabeth Balderstone, Darriman, VIC purchased eight at $1350.

Garry and Kaye Davidson, Walpa, VIC, paid to $3000 to average $2150 for four. Brian Anderson, BInda, secured nine rams for his 3600 ewe 19  micron breeding flock to a top of $3400 and averaging $2222.

D. Gibson, Rowlsey VIC through manager Leigh Harrison paid $2000 apiece for two rams, while “Spring Ponds” Bungonia  averaged $1400 for six, and  JW and RM Guthrie, Delegate, set the floor price with eight rams at $1025 with five at the upset of $800.

Rounding out the sale Ollie Cay Bungarby, averaged four at $1100 and James Flick Cumnock bought seven at $1314.

Pictured with the top priced ram - Will van Gemert, manager Hazeldean,  Cooma, Brett Tremain, Yeoval, Jim Litchfield and Landmark wool specialist David Hart, Dubbo.

 see pictures of the sale on Hazeldean's Facebook page  


  • Hazeldean Riverina Ram Sale 2013


story courtesy The Land October 2013

The wind could have blown a dog off its chain at last week's Hazeldean Riverina Merino and Poll Merino Ram sale at Hay, and possibly a few extra notes from the pockets of buyers, eclipsing last year's average of $1288 to record a solid $1776 average.

In total 106 of 113 rams topped at $5400 for a Poll merino ram. The Poll Merino draft drew the greatest inspection with all 35 rams averaging $2034 while 71 Merino rams topped at $3800 to average $1650.

The top ram was bought by Trevor and Robyn Tremain, Yeoval for $5400 also with another poll at $3800.

The Tremains top ram was a son of Nerstane 8.0121, with Australian Sheep Breeding Value (ASBV)  index of +138 and testing at 14.9-micron fibre diameter, 3.06-micron standard deviation (SD) , 20.81 per cent con-efficient of variation (CV) and described by Mr. Tremain as a big frame ram with beautiful wool and near perfect feet.

Mr. Tremain runs 20,000 sheep and joins 8,000 Merino ewes, averaging between 18 and 19 microns, amd will use the rams to breed a few rams for his operation.


Goorama Pty Ltd Galong, paid $3800  for the top Merino Ram, which tested at 18.34-micron with a 2.85-micron SD and 15.3pc CV, along with ASBV’s including -1.9 for fibre diameter, +21 for clean fleece weight and +4.3 for yearling weight, with an index of +167.


Goorama Pty Ltd also paid $3000 each for two poll rams in a draft of six Poll Merino and Four Merino rams averaging $2400.


Long-time Hazeldean client Tony Hill, Cootamundra, usually buys at the studs Cooma sale but thought he would come and have a look a the Riverina sale and ended up taking 15 Merino rams home to a top of $2800 to average $2067.


Victorian buyers included Leigh Harrison, manager of “ Greystones” near Bacchus Marsh who bought five poll rams and a Merino ram averaging $1700.; FR Butler and Sons, Newstead, averaged two  poll rams at $1800 and four Merino rmas at $1000, while Robertan Pastoral, Navarre, purchased six Merino rams to a $2800 top, averaging $1767.


Craig Wilson, Wagga Wagga, bought up for his clients Curry Flat Partnership, Cooma, taking six poll and two horned rams for a $1400 average, while Woostock, Cooma bought seven horned rams at $1743 each.


J.E. and C. McClure, Wagga Wagga,  landed five at $1960; D.S. and S. Eccleston, Cooma, averaged $1700 for five and Jimenbuen Partnership, Dalgety paid $2400 and $2600 for two top-end poll rams.

Top priced buyers Robyn and Trevor Tremain, with Jim Litchfield, and Richard Cannon, Manager Hazeldean Riverina

see pictures of the sale on Hazeldean's Facebook page 



  • Hazeldean 4th Annual Elite Short Wool Ram Sale 2013


Hazeldean Merino stud sells over 1000 Merino rams  each year and concluded its 2012 ram selling season with an on-property auction of 20 double tested elite shortwool rams near Cooma last week following larger on-property Monaro and Riverina auctions of 150 rams in November at Cooma, and 110 auctioned at Hay.


"These were really the cream of the drop and certainly the best value.  Yet most clients shy away from selecting short wool sires," said Hazeldean stud  principal Jim Litchfield.


"The final elite 20 auction rams were double tested for fleece data - in June and December which provides more reliable statistics.  They are really the next tier down from the tops which we select from and retain for breeding within the stud, Mr Litchfield explained.


Seeing more value in this form of selection, and certainly an exception among shy buyers was Bungarby sheepbreeder Ollie Cay who reaffirmed that 'double tested rams' tend to be more stable in maintaining their fleece figures though-out their lives, and he deems them the pick of the crop. 


Top  of last week 's Hazeldean sale was $3200 paid by Shaun Beasley, "Emu Park", Bairnsdale,  Vic., a keen participant in the Peter Westblade Memorial Merino Merino Sheep Trial. Buyers were present from as far afield as Nyngan in north west NSW, deep into the heartland of Victoria.


"Give Monaro stock a change of address and a biscuit and they will thrive anywhere," claimed  Landmark auctioneer Mr Myles Buchanan who has auctioned at many Monaro sheep and cattle sales. 


"Stock bred on the Monaro are used to doing it hard.  They have a great constitution and a wonderful doing ability," and are popular wherever they go. he said. 


20 rams sold to gross $23,400  av., $1376.47   top price $3200

Buyers included Colin Murdoch, Murdoch Bros., "Inverlochie", Ando; Bill Brewis, O.J.  and J. M. Brewis, "Dutton", Berridale; Oliver Cay, "Pineleigh", Bungarby; Shaun Beasley, Emu Park", Bairnsdale;Grant Burbidge, "Connemara", Tarcutta; Craig Mitchell, "Gaerloch", Countegany via Numeralla;B.E.  and H.A. Anderson,  Crookwell and Jim Cassilles,  Cooma.

see pictures of the sale on Hazeldean's Facebook page