• Hazeldean Spring Bull Sale results 2015


Volume purchaser's underpinned the consistent "Hazeldean" Spring Bull Sale when 79 bulls offered sold to top $12,500 and averaged $7601.

This represented a 100 percent clearance, and stud principal Jim Litchfield was delighted with the result.

Top priced bull, Hazeldean Johanna J397 was bought by return client Jim Miller, "Cooininee" Jugiong.
Mr Miller put together a draft of four bulls to average $9625.Other repeat buyers who purchased in volume included Sam Chisholm, "Bundarbo" Jugiong who selected seven bulls to average $7571, Steve Merriman, "Ravensworth" Yass with three bulls at $9500 average and Anthony and Kate Waldron, Nimmitabel who selected four bulls to average $7250.

New clients, the Macdougall family "Green Hills" Adelong purchased four bulls to average $8125 and Michael Field, "Benangaroo" Jugiong put together his draft of four bulls to average $7625.

Repeat purchaser's David Ryrie, "Michelago Station" Michelago purchased two young sires for average $7250 and interstate buyer Mack Stagg, Tambo Crossing, Victoria took three bulls home to top $12000. Guy Stevens, "Fontenoy" Adaminaby selected two bulls to average $8500 and Adam Robertson, manager "Glenbernie" Berridale paid average $5750 for his two bulls.

Return client Jim Feilen, "Merrigang" Ando purchased the first bull offered for $10,000, Jim Murray "Ventnor" Jindabyne paid $6500 for his selection with Ian McLennan, "Connen Hill" Goulburn paying $11,000 for his selection.
Jay Weston, "Coolamatong" Berridale purchased a young sire for $6500, Peter Devereux, "Milton Park" Cooma paid $6500 for his choice and Tim Bruce, "Koorong" Bombala took home another Hazeldean bull for $8000.

Ron Reed "Woodborough" Delegate purchased two bulls average $6000 to add to his sire battery and new client Barney Pollard, Ladysmith via Wagga Wagga was active in the top end of the sale paying $10000 for one bull and $9500 for his second selection.

Another new client, Mathew Burke, Cooma bought a young sire for $6500 and Bob Norton, Cooma returned to Hazeldean to pay $6500 for his selection of one bull.

Alex Andrich, Berridale was another new buyer who was impressed by the quality of the Hazeldean bulls and purchased a young sire for $6500.


  • Hazeldean Autumn Bull Sale results 2015


Hazeldean Angus autumn bull sale achieved 100 per cent clearance and a top of $9000 twice at Cooma on Monday.

Commercial clients came in droves to secure August/September 2013-drop bulls, and the 46 bulls offered all sold to an impressive average of $5480.

The total clearance was reflective of the draft presented and was fitting given this year was a milestone for the Litchfield family as they celebrated 150 years of seedstock production.

Two sons of Carrabar Docklands D62 - Hazeldean Jacal J451 and Hazeldean Jamaica J675 - shared the top price of the sale at $9000.

"The bulls stood up well, weight for age and temperament was all outstanding," said auctioneer Michael Glasser, GTSM, Albury.

"The confidence is there right across the beef industry at the moment and it showed today."

"Competition was solid from Coonamble right through to Tasmania, the usual buyers from Gippsland and a lot of local support from here on the Monaro, and there were also some new faces in the crowd."

The sale was conducted by Hazeldean and Glasser Total Sales Management, Albury.

Auctioneer Michael Glasser, GTSM, Albury, pictured with Ben Rolfe and Bea Litchfield, Hazeldean, Cooma.
"The confidence is there right across the beef industry at the moment and it showed today."
Auctioneer Michael Glasser, GTSM, Albury, pictured with Ben Rolfe and Bea Litchfield, Hazeldean, Cooma.



  • Hazeldean SA Bull Sale results 2015

THIS year, the Litchfield family of Hazeldean Pty Ltd are celebrating 150 years of seedstock Angus and Merino production. The pastoral enterprise, which began in 1865, now holds production sales in its home state of NSW as well as Qld and SA.

In SA, a joint venture between Jim and Libby Litchfield and Guy and Sarah Cunningham, Gumbowie, Willalooka, allows Hazeldean Angus to meet the requirements of its SA and Western Vic clients.

A strong endorsement of the program by way of a solid bull sale on Tuesday was a fitting way to kick off celebrations for Hazeldean. In an extremely consistent sale which rarely lapsed, 34 of 37 bulls sold to a modest $7500 while averaging a rewarding $4970 - up $714 on last year's average.

Bidding reached a peak for lot three, Hazeldean Jaffar J1590, a 706 kilogram son of GAR Prophet from a Te Mania Berkley B1 daughter. Stephen and Glenda Smith, Lucindale, selected the bull for its thickness and length, structural soundness and good feet.

"He just stood up very well and will carry his weight well as an older bull," Mr Smith said.

The bull had the numbers to match, including Angus, domestic and heavy grass indexes all in the top one per cent of the breed. He was in the top 5pc for the heavy grain index, as well as for birthweight, milk, 200- and 400-day weight and days to calving, and the top 10pc for calving ease daughters and intramuscular fat.

An eye muscle area figure of 6.6 also put it in the top 15pc for that trait, along with 600-day weight, carcase weight and calving ease direct. The Smiths also purchased one other bull at $6000.


Two bulls made $7000, the first of these being Hazeldean Jehu J1585, another GAR Prophet son from a Berkley daughter. Max and Briony Schleuniger, Akeringa Pastoral Company, Bray - buyers of last year's top bull - secured the bull and one other at $6500.

The final lot of the day, Hazeldean Julius J1611 - by Hazeldean Giotto G1600 and from a Kenny's Creek Sandy S15 cow - finished off the sale in fine fashion when it too attracted a $7000 final bid.

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Spence Dix & Co's Jono Spence and Pinkerton Palm Hamlyn & Steen's Josh Manser control the rostrum at Hazeldean Angus.
Spence Dix & Co's Jono Spence and Pinkerton Palm Hamlyn & Steen's Josh Manser control the rostrum at Hazeldean Angus.
  • Hazeldean Spring Bull Sale results 2014


story extract courtesy The Land, September 5

61 Bulls sold to $9000 and averaged $4600 at the annual on-property Hazeldean Spring Angus bull at Cooma on Tuesday.

The top bull, Hazeldean Hobnail H360, was the heaviest in the draft at 904 kilograms by Rennylea Norc574, with low borth of +3.2 through to +114 for 600-day growth with a strong eye muscle area to +5.2.


He was bought by Jim Miller, Coolac Cattle Company, Coolac, for $9000, along with the second top priced bull by the same sire for $8000.

Austin McLennan, "Connen Hill", Goulburn, came to Hazeldean for the first time and left with three bulls to a top of $7500 for a Te Mania Berkely son. The sale was conducted by Hazeldean with Michael Glasser, Glasser total Sales Management, Albury as the auctioneer.



Hazeldean Angus manager Chris Saunders, Cooma, with auctioneer Michael Glasser, GTSM, Albury and volume buyer Austin McLennan,
In the severely  trying weather conditions 61 bulls sold.

Auctioneer Michael Glasser, GTSM, Albury pictured with Austin McLennan, "Connen Hill", Goulburn, who paid to $7500 for three bulls


  • Hazeldean Northern Performance Bull Sale results 2014


story extract courtesy Penelope Arthur, Queensland Country Life, August 21


Strong support from repeat buyers helped Hazeldean Angus stud principals Jim and Libby Litchfield, achieve a solid result at their 19th Annual Northern Performance Bull Sale at Jackson, OLD, last thursday.


The Hazeldean team cleared just over 80 per cent of their Angus offering under the hammer, selling the draft of 113 bulls for an average of $3712. David Benn, Arcadia Valley paid the top price of $11,000 for Hazeldean H372, an AI bull sired by Te Mania Unlimited U3721. With a low birth weight EBV of +3.2, and 600 day growth of +98, he is a well-balanced bull with excellent fertility  and carcase EBV's. He was one of the heaviest bulls in the draft at 870kgs with a scrotal circumference of 45.5 cm and a frame score of 7.


Wallumbilla's Bates Family, were once again the volume buyers of the sale, selecting 14 bulls averaging $3941 for their Augathella breeding operation.


Edward Jones, Hillston, also put together a draft of 10 bulls, while Pegunny Pastoral co.  purchased 10 to average $4800. Included in their purchases was a Te Mania Berkley son, Hazeldean Highlife H511, for $7500.


Yanduburra Pastoral Co. Springsure, purchased eight bulls for $4187, while Peter Whip, Longreach bought four at $5000 as did the Sandow Family also purchasing four. There was strong buying support from producers south of Wallumbill, with Simon Body buying four and Steve Gray purchasing five.


Hazeldean Hert H30, sired by Exar Upshot and weighing 848kg sold to Injelara Grazing for $8000. Another $8000 purchase was by the Hughes Family, Meandarra, for Lot 17, Hazeldean H397.


The Senegus bulls averaged $3750, with four going to the Katherine River Past. Co. at $4000.



Chris & David Benn, buyers of the top priced bull, Lot 6, Hazeldean H372 for $11,000.


  • Hazeldean Autumn Bull & Commercial Female Sale results 2014


story courtesy Brett Tndall, The Land, May 15


Stud buyers came chasing a new sire at last weeks Hazeldean Autumn Bull Sale where a top of $20,000 was paid, while commercial buyers went about their business securing strong commercial bulls at good prices.

The top bull, Hazeldean Harlequin H2, was passed in during auction at $14,000 before being secured after negotiations for the $20,000 price tag by Holbrook based Angus stud breeder Jock Harbison, Dunoon.

Harlequin was by TC Total 410, with estimated breeding values of +4.1 for birthweight, +125 for 600-day growth,+21 for Milk, +6.9 for EMA, +2 for IMF% and Long fed index of $125.

Hazeldean stud principal, Jim Litchfield said he was happy with the sale result in the current bull selling conditions, and they retained a 50 per cent semen share in the bull for any future semen sales with Dunoon.

 The sale was not all about one bull though, with 45 of the 47 bulls averaging $5033 and selling to 27 different buyers on the day. At auction, the top bull made $7500 and sold to long-time client Mark Cottle, Kimo, Nimmitabel. Mr. Cottle bought a stylish Lawsons Tank son, with a low birth weight of +2.8, combined with strong growth and carcase data to +6.6 for EMA and $138 for long-fed indices.

Then the auction hotted up as five buyers snapped up three or more bulls, with OF Lampe Past. Co. Coonamble, purchasing four top-end sires to a top of $7000 averaging $5500 across the draft, while Alice Springs Pastoral Co., Bolaro Station, Adaminaby, paid to $5500 for four, averaging $4500. Saxon Grazing, Fontenoy, Adaminaby bought three bulls averaging $3833, while J and R Phillips, Jerangle, paid to $6500 for three bulls. Pine Grove Partners, Fullerton, paid $700 for Hazeldean Herald H956, by Hazeldean Falter, F36 and $7000 for a Lawsons Dinky Di son, both solid growth bulls with strong carcase figures. Buchan Station, Buchan, Vic, paid to $6500 for a Dinky Di son in a draft of three bulls averaging $5333, while Mark O'Brien, Mossvale, averaged $6250 for two bulls, as did RG Walker and LJ Phillips, Jerangle. Peter and Jayne Lette, Foxglen Berridale, rounded out the slae with two bulls at $3000 apiece.

The sale was conducted by Hazeldean with GTSM Myles Pfitzner as auctioneer.



PTIC heifers top female sale at $1525

First time buyers at the Hazeldean sale Lionel and Rosemarie Delaney, Gannawarra Rylstone, paid the top price of $1525 in the female offering.The Delaneys bought 20 x 2.5 yr old Hazeldean Angus heifers PTIC to start calving in August 2014.


They also purchased another 11 of the same description at $1300 as well as 57 x 7 month old Angus weaner heifers averaging $525 a head. Mr. Delaney said they had previously run crossbred cattle but were changing to pure Angus genetics. He ultimately wanted to have a self-replacing herd of 300 breeders with progeny sold direct to the feedlot.

The remainder of the 2.5 yr old PTIC Angus heifers, to calve in August - September, sold for between $975 to $1050. In total, 397 commercial females were offerered and sold, including 62 x 2 yr old PTIC heifers, averaging $1315.

The 2005-06 PTIC Angus cows due to clave in August-September sold from $800 to $1000, with 220 sold to average $820. The top pen of these cows were sold to J and S Heenan, Warragul, Victoria, through Elders Pakenham at $1050.

The 115 Angus weaner heifer calves sold from $475 to $550, averaging $502. The major buyers of the female offering were from Rylstone, Moss Vale; Warragul, Victoria, and the local area.



  • Hazeldean SA Bull Sale results 2014


story courtesy Alistair Lawson, The Stock Journal


Hazeldean continued its run of extremely solid Angus bull sales with another strong result at its annual on-property auction at Willalooka on Tuesday last week. As it so often does, the stud recorded near-perfect clearance, selling 42 of the 43 bulls offered to $6500 averaging $4256. The clearance and the average price were improvements on the 2013 result, the average rising more than $60 on last year.

In a further plus for principals Jim and Libby Litchfield and Guy and Sarah Cunningham, the top-price bull was purchased by a couple who returned to Hazeldean after an extended hiatus from the stud. Max and Briony Schleuniger, Akeringa Pastoral, Bray, outlaid $6500 late in the sale on lot 48 for Hazeldean Humblebrag, a 660-kilogram son of Rennylea C574

The bull’s estimated breeding values were +2.1 on birthweight before exploding out to +90 and +110 on 400-day and 600-day weights respectively. The Schleunigers also bid successfully on Hazeldean Hatfield, another Rennylea C574 son, paying $4500. He measured +2.9 on BWT and +109 on 600-day weight. It was the birthweight and growth-rate figures that endeared the Schleunigers to the bulls they bought. “We bought the bulls to introduce new genetics to our 300-head herd of Shorthorn breeders,” Mr Schleuniger said.

“We came back to Hazeldean to ‘put a toe in the water’ towards crossbreeding.” Two bulls were knocked down at $6000, the first at lot one bought by Charlie Bruce, Boonoonar Partners, Kingston, and the second bought by R&S Tregoweth, Lucindale. Donald Brown & Co, Keppoch, outlaid $5500 on lot three and lot 35, both bulls either sired by or a grandson of Te Mania Berkley.

Also forking out $5500 for a bull was SA & GE Smith, Lucindale, on lot 10 in Hazeldean Hulky.
Long-time Hazeldean supporters Hillcrest Pastoral, Avenue Range, were the volume buyers, taking five bulls to $4750 averaging $4000. JH Ryan, Lucindale, bought three bulls to $5000 averaging $3500, as did Panmura, Keith, to $4500 twice averaging $3000. The sale was conducted by Pinkerton Palm Hamlyn & Steen.      

SA 2014

  • Hazeldean Spring Bull Sale results 2013


 It was a beautiful day on the Monaro and a large crowd gathered to see 69 x 2 year old bulls sell to a top of $9500 and $5000 average, and 12 x 12 month old bulls sell to a $6000 top and average of $4000.

The top priced 2yr old bull was Lot 4, Hazeldean Geyser G439, a Berkley son out of a Hazeldean cow with Ultravox in her pedigree. He was a low birth weight bull; +3.8 for BWT, +116 for 600 DWT & LF index of $109. In the top 1% for GL, top 5% for 2,4 & 600 day weight, CE, & RBY.

The 2 top priced 12 month old bulls were Hazeldean Hamilton H5, bought by Rod & Glenda Reeves, QLD, and Hazeldean Houdini H1 bought by Peter Scobie, with respective EBV's of  +3.8 BWT, +118 600DWT, $131 LF, and +3.7 BWT, +115 600DWT, $127 LF. The  two bulls were flush brothers - TC Total sons out of the high performing Hazeldean donor cow A90. 
The third flush brother was purchased by Alpine Angus, Victoria for $5000.

Volume buyer on the day was long time supporters the Phillips Family, Harden who purchased 7 bulls.

Overall 73 bulls sold to a top of $9500 and an average of $4815.

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  • Hazeldean Northern Performance Bull Sale results 2013

Story courtesy Peter Lowe, QCL


STRONG competition from commercial beef producers underpinned by a big order from a large pastoral company saw Angus bulls sell to $10,000 at the annual Hazeldean Northern Performance Bull Sale at Jackson, Queensland, last Thursday.

Hazeldean principal Jim Litchfield said he was delighted with the result, but was especially pleased with the excellent clearance rate given the adverse seasonal conditions and a fluctuating cattle market.

Guest auctioneer Michael Glasser of Glasser Total Sales Management, Mudgegonga, Victoria, and Michael Smith, Elders Toowoomba, Qld, sold 160 bulls in quick succession for an overall average of $4413 and 89 per cent clearance, which included 136 Angus bulls for a $4474 average and 24 Senegus bulls at $4063.

A feature of the sale was the Consolidated Pastoral Company’s bulk order of 34 bulls for a $3544 average through their southern general manager Alex Walsh, “Isis Downs”, Isisford, Qld, who wanted bulls to “join more numbers” at “Newcastle Waters” in the Northern Territory.

These replacement bulls were selected on carcase performance, conformation and good growth-for-age.

Included in the Consolidated order was the $10,000 top-priced bull Hazeldean Gargler G353, a 23-month-old son of Ardrossan Equator which was ranked highly for scrotal circumference (top 1pc) and also carcase attributes such as intramuscular fat and eye muscle area (top 5pc).

Mr Walsh said Gargler will be used over stud Angus cows at “Isis Downs” to breed bulls for their own use.

“We selected him for his strong carcase figures, sleek coat and excellent conformation,” said Mr Walsh.

Regular supporters Don, Cathy and Scott Bates, “Winnathoola”, Wallumbilla, Qld, bought 10 quality Angus bulls for a top of $6500 and an average of $5200 for their Augathella district breeding property.

Another regular buyer active on the top end of the market was Stewart Nobbs, Yandaburra Pastoral Company, Springsure, Qld, who bought eight bulls for a $6250 average for their commercial Brahman herd at Yandaburra.

QLD 2013 sale
Auctioneer Michael Glasser & Jim Litchfield with Alex Walsh, Consolidated Pastoral Co. & Mike Smith Elders with the top priced bull Hazeldean Gargler G353 who sold for $10,000.

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  • Hazeldean Angus Autumn Bull & Female Sale results 2013

Story courtesy Stewart Crutchett


Regular buyers who normally top up their sire batteries in Spring as well as previous autumn buyers returning to the fold, returned to purchase some excellent young sires at Hazeldean’s first Autumn bull sale for some years near Cooma last week.
Top price was $9500 paid by Lisa Phillips, Slap-Up Pastoral, Co., Jerangle who had also paid top price of $12,000 at the Litchfield family’s 2011. Hazeldean on property Spring sale.

This was for Hazeldean Gaity G136, with an impressive phenotype and genotype package, by Lawsons Invincible VLY C402, whom she bought to put over mature cows in her 200 cow herd bred on Hazeldean blood for a decade. Lisa also bought 10 “cheap” 7 ½ year old ptic Hazeldean matrons for $850.

A total clearance of forty one Hazeldean bulls sold for an average $5207 to strong competition from 55 registered buyers from the Hunter Valley, north west NSW, the western Riverina and to new and return clients in Victoria, with many buys like Ms Phillips snapping up females to accompany sire purchases.

Fly in fly out buyers Scone Pastoral Company from “Hilltop”, Dangarfield, paid second top price of $8500 for a low birthweight son of Te Mania Africa from one of Hazeldean’s leading females by Hazeldean Catalyst C28 (ET) (AI).

Romani Pastoral Company’s Robert Bunt, Andrew King and John Bassingthwaighte from Harden, .who join 1400 mostly Hazeldean blood females paid second top price of $7500 three times for sons Lawsons Invincible, Te Mania Africa and Te Mania Yorkshire

A total 342 females sold twice to a top of $1200 paid by R. and W. Rothacker, Serpentine, Vic., and equalled by D.T.S & E Phillips from Cunningham Plains Harden. The cow offering averaged $941 and heifer calves $383.

New buyers Peter and Sylvia Collet, “Koorooman”, Ryanstone, Vic., bought 20 heifer weaners for $375, and 20 ptic 2010 drop heifers for $1100.

Other multiple new and return buyers were Guy Stephens, Adaminaby, Peter Sands - Cooma, Bradleys Flat - Molong, Ross Davis - Benalla, Lindsay Davy - Bungendore, Des Lampe - Coonamble and Brian Read - Tharwa .


Top price autumn2013
Top priced buyer Lisa Phillips with Auctioneer Michael Glasser & Jim Litchfield with the top priced bull, Lot 33, Hazeldean Gaiety G136, sold for $9500. 41 Bulls sold for a 100% clearance and $5207 average.

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  • Hazeldean Angus SA Sale results 2013

Story courtesy the Stock Journal

In another confidence boost, principals Guy & Sarah Cunningham and Jim Litchfield were more than delighted to see a first-time buyer take the top price3 and volume buy accolades.


Kangaringa Station, Keith, out-laid the top price of $8500 for a son of Te Mania Berkley, Hazeldean Gipsy. The September 2011-drop bull gathered a lot of interest for his low birthweight and exceptional growth rate EBV. Those included +2.9 on birth weight, 200day growth of +47, and +96 for 600 day growth. Kangaringa's Vinnie O'Loughlin said the natural thickness throughout the 792-kilogram bull was exceptional.


"We picked up some really good bulls today to try and put more thickness in our breeding herd," he said.


While Kangaringa has traditionally run a Poll Hereford herd, it has been transitioning to Angus in the past seven years and now runs a mix of Poll Hereford, Angus, and black baldy cows in its 1500-head breeding herd. Mr. O'Loughlin said they got put onto Hazeldean's bulls because their stock agent Noel Evans from Cox Rural at Keith was keen on thicker-bodied bulls for their operation.


"Noel suggested we come out here and we really liked what we saw", he said. Kangaringa bought five bulls at the sale averaging $5600.


Also purchasing five bulls at the sale was repeat buyer Hillcrest Pastoral, Avenue Range, to $5500, av $3800.


Outlaying the second top price of $7000 was Brian Wilsdon, Willalooka, for lot 28, aptly named Hazeldean Gun. Mr. Wilsdon bought three bulls at the sale, av $5833.  Bidding strongly was Peter Morutto, Brae, who bought four bulls to $3500, av $3000.


Hazeldean SA principals Guy & Sarah Cunningham were rightly chuffed after the sale and were particularly pleased to have Kangaringa come in  for the first time and take home five bulls, including the top price lot.


"They're working really hard on their cattle and we know what they are trying to achieve," he said. "Bulls by Te mania Berkely have been consistently selling higher that the average of the sale and Kangaringa took home the highest price Berkley son in their draft".

top buyer
Top priced buyer for Kangaringa Station Vinnie O'Loughlin, Noel Cox Cox Rural,  Sarah Cunningham, Gordon Wood, Guy Cunningham

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  • Hazeldean Angus Spring Sale results 2012

Story courtesy The Land, September 2012.

A strong return clientele again assured a rock-solid clearance of all 92 bulls to a top of $13,000 and average of $6242, at the Litchfields family's annual Hazeldean Angus Spring bull sale at Cooma.

That return client base saw 13 of the 46 buyers purchase three or more  bulls with volume buyers taking as many as five bulls home. The top bull was part of a five-bull haul for Kelly and Michael Fardon, Craiglea Patrnership, Hobbys Yards who paid $13,000 for the lead sire in their five bulls averaging $9200. They bought the 844 kg Hazeldean Fitz F303, a son of Leachman Boomtime and out of a Hazeldean Renaissance female, for the $13,000 top price.

Fitz F303 had a moderate birth weight, strong 600 weight EBV of +117 and a 43cm scrotal circ. The Fardons also paid $11,500 for a Sitz New Design 458N son, weighing 870kg, with low birth , strong growth and positive carcase data. Mr. Fardon said he was chasing bulls with lenght and depth, with plenty of muscle and growth and a balance of good figures to complement.

"We have bought Boomtime calves in the past  and they have done a really good job for us", he said. A.J. Chown, Rosedale, Victoria, followed suit by paying $11,500 for a 810kg Lawsons Dinky Di son, with low birth, high growth and milk, +5.8 for EMA and +$120 for LF index. Mr. Chown averaged $8500 for the four bulls he purchased. Mack Stagg "Glen Shira", Tambo Crossing, Victoria, bought 2 bulls at $7,000 and $10,000 while Jim Miller, Coolac Cattle Co, averaged $9617 for 3 bulls and paid to $11,000 for his top bull.

Steve Merriman, Yass, pushed a lot of good bulls to respectable money and purchased five bulls for a $7600 average, while James Watkins, Hillston, averaged $5375 for 4 bulls. Rosie Stradbroke, Mt. Fyans Vic, paid to $8500 for 3 bulls averaging $7333; Lisa Phillips, Jerangle bought 3 at $6000; Andrew King Romani padi to $8500 twice to average $7833 and Matthe Gregroy, Tharwa, ACT outlaid $20,000 for his 3 bulls.


Rounding out a strong sale Steve and Liz Phillips, Harden averaged 4 commercial bulls at $4250 while Ross Davis Benalla paid $9500 and $7000 for 2 bulls and Ray Miller, Bega averaged $7250 for 2.


The sale was conducted by Michael Glasser Total Sales Management with Michael Glasser as the auctioneer.

  • Hazeldean Northern Performance Bull sale results 2012

The 17th Annual Northern Performance Bull sale at Jackson in QLD on Thursday 16th August saw a 100% clearance of both angus and senegus bulls. 114 angus bulls topped at $14,000 and averaged $6700. 36 senegus bulls topped at   $6500 and averaged $4125. Top priced angus bull was Lot 27, Hazeldean Figment F593 a Berkley son with a low birth weight of +3.7, 600 dwt of +100 and final weight of 876 kg, sold to repeat buyers Carruthers Pastoral Co. Emerald. Top-priced senegus bull was Lot 151 Hazeldean SF84 purchased by long term supporters the Bucknell Family, Calooma, Dirranbandi.


  • Hazeldean commercial female sale results 2012

Hazeldean 2.5 yr old commercial heifers, PTIC to Hazeldean D960 topped the Monaro Angus Breeders Association commercial female sale offered on Auctionsplus on Thursday 3rd May. The pen of 10 heifers in prime condition brought $2940/hd. The following pen of 17 commercial heifers, also PTIC to a Hazeldean bull made $2380/hd. 2 pens of 10.5 yr old cows, PTIC to Hazeldean D99, 24 and 23 in number brought $1390/hd and $1350/hd respectively. 


  • Hazeldean Angus SA Sale results 2011

Story courtesy The Stock Journal, February 23, 2011

Sons of renowned Angus sire Te Mania Berkley were a standout attraction at Hazeldean's South Australian Angus Bull sale at Gumbowie, Willalooka, on Tuesday last week.


With 13 sons in the sale, he had more in it than any other sire and it came as no surprise that one if his progeny, Hazeldean Freeman, achieved joint top price honours at $10,500, going to first-time buyers Bill and Neroli Baade, Glenstrae Pastoral, Willalooka.

Mr. Baade said he liked everything about the August 2010-drop bull, particularly his growth rates.


"I really wanted a Berkley son because I know he breeds well", he said. The bull will be used as a stud sire in Glenstrae's small Angus stud.


Coming late in the sale at Lot 50 was the joint top price bull and son of American sire LT 598 Bando, Sept 2010-drop Hazeldean Fire, which went to the Nott family at Inman Valley. The Notts, who have been buying from Hazeldean for six years, run a replacement beef enterprise on 810 hectares, selling Angus steers and pregnancy tested in-calf heifers.


Sandy Nott said he liked the bull for its low birth weight for heifers, and 400 day weight and eye muscle EBV. "We are hoping he brings those traits to our operation ," he said.


The Notts bought another bull earlier in the sale for $5500. The second-top price bull, Hazeldean Fennel F1112, was also a son of Te Mania Berkley, which went for $8000 to David Brown, Lucindale.


Hillcrest Pastoral, Avenue Range, was a strong supporter of the sale, buying 11 bulls to $6000, averaging $4636.


Buying support was spread with buyers coming from the Adelaide Hills and Fleuriue Peninsula, while alot of bulls stayed local to the Upper and Lower South East.


The sale held up right to the very end, with many bulls fetching between $6000 and $7000. Hazeldean SA principal Guy Cunningham said the stud's field day the week before had allowed people to look at Te Mania Berkley sons, which led them to appreciate the whole sale offering.


"We like the Berkley bull as his carcase figures are good and he's still offering a lot of growth," he said.  "He is a good example of the bulls we are breeding."  Mr. Cunningham said the stud was working to keep the birthweight of the whole herd fairly moderate, which he believed was evident in the fact the average across the sale was +4.


The sale was conducted by Landmark with Gordon Wood the auctioneer.



  • Hazeldean Angus Spring Bull Sale Results 2011

Story courtesy The Land, Sept.15th, 2011

The Annual Hazeldean Angus Spring bull sale marked the srtart of the end of a long-standing relationship with auctioneer of choice, Tony Dowe, Sydney, as he stood over his last draft of Hazeldean bulls.
Mr. Dowe has sold at Hazeldean on-property sales for 43 years and stood over his first Hazeldean Merino ram 50 years ago, but will hang up his gavel after the November ram sale, which will also mark his swansong from a rich history in the stud stock and agency industries.

Buyers rose to the occasion, with 64 bulls selling to a $12,000 top and $6250 average for a 100 per cent clearance
The top bull, Hazeldean Edgeley E493, and 878 kilogram son of Bando 974, was bought by long time client, Lisa Phillips, R.G.Walker and W. Phillips, Jerangle, for $12,000.

Edgeley was a bull with a moderate birthweight at +4.9, extrememly good growth from +47 to +118 for 200- to 600-day growth, +17 for milk and positive for both eye muscle area and intramuscular fat.

Anthony Crichton-Brown, Coolong Pastoral Company, “Deltroit Station” Mundarlo, bought three of the top bulls on offer to average $7833.
He paid $8500 and $8000 for two Bando 974 sons with low birth weight, high growth and positive for carcase and rib and rump fats, along with a third for $7000 by the highly sought after sire, New Design 458N.

Romani Pastoral Compnay, Harden, were front and centre to buy three bulls to a top of $7500, averaging $7167, while David Mott, Springwaters Pty Ltd. Wagga Wagga, averaged the same for his three, paying to $8000.

Peter and Cherie Turner, Byland Pastoral Company, Cooplacurripa Station, Mount George, led the charge on a large percentage of the draft, buying nine bulls to a top of $7000 and an average of $5889 and cementing a solid floor in the market.

Twety-six bulls in the draft sold for more than $7000, attracting good commercial competition across the draft.

The sale was conducted by Hazeldean with guest auctioneer, Tony Dowe, presiding.


  • Hazeldean Northern Performance Bull Sale Results 2011

 Story courtesy Queensland Country Life, August 25th, 2011

Hazeldean Angus kicked off the Maranoa spring sale season in Queensland with a very positive sale at Jackson last Thursday where 87 Angus bulls averaged $6670 and 38 Senegus bulls averaged $4710.

Average prices were up almost $2000 on last year’s Hazeldean Northern Performance Sale and fellow seedstock producers across the Stat’s south-west will no doubt be hoping this result signals a positive trend for the coming bull selling season.

Hazeldean stud principal, Jim Litchfield, was on hand to see his draft of 87 Angus bulls average $6670, up $1950 from the 2010 sale.
The 38 Senegus bulls averaged $4710, up $1460 on last years average of $3250.

Mr. Litchfield said the sale was solid throughout, with strong competition on bulls with a good balance of figures.

“The top price of $10,000 was reached four times for angus bulls “ he said. “The bulls that made good money were those with a good balance of figures without any extremes.”

The top four bulls included Hazeldean Expedia E677, which was purchased by Pegunny Pstoral, Pegunny, QLD, and Hazeldean Elelgant E610, purchased by Kevin Graham for AJM Pastoral, Richmond, QLD.

By Hazeldean Brave B195 son, Elegant E610 boasted some impressive Breedplan figures including a birthweight of +3.5, 600 day weight of +104 and eye muscle area of +4.7.

Hazeldean Eureka E441 also sold for to AJM Pastoral for $10,000, while Rod Reeves, “Wyuna” Stanthorpe, QLD paid $10,000 for Hazeldean Easton E409.

The Senegus draft topped at $9500 for Hazeldean 09-7, a red son of Hazeldean Hurricane – one of Hazeldean’s best performing sires.
It was bought by Bassett Cattle Company, Roma, QLD.

The volume buyer of the day was Daivdson Livestock, Alpha, Qld, which purchased a total of 34 bulls including one Angus and 16 Senegus at auction, followed by another 17 paddock bulls after the sale.

Other major buyers included Pegunny Pastoral which purchased 13 Angus bulls for a $7300 average, while Charvel Grazing, Theodore, Qld, bought five Angus bulls and four Senegus bulls for an average of $5222.

TV Fairfax Pastoral, Moura, Qld, purchased seven Angus bulls for an average of $6428.

Mr. Litchfield said it was heartening to see buyers travel from across Queensland and NSW to purchase the bulls they had and was very proud of the bulls he is producing.

The bulls went to a great spread of destinations with buyers coming from Hughenden, Longreach, Clermont, Roma, Beaudesert, Winton, Yuleba, Tambo, Blackall, and down to Hillston and Goodooga in NSW.

“There were also plenty of repeat buyers  who provided a strong indication that our bulls are doing their job – after all we have been selling bulls in Queesland now for 17 years”.

Selling agents were Grant Daniel Long and Elders, with the auctioneering shared between Gary Greer, Andrew Meara and Bill Till


  • Hazeldean SA Bull Sale Results 2011

 Story courtesy Alistair Lawson, The Stock Journal


A total clearance on the 45 Angus bulls on offer saw the Hazeldean stud's average and top price increase on 2010 at it's annual sale on Tuesday last week.

Mark and Leah Jacobs of Colac, Victoria, bought the top price bull, Hazeldean Escala E810, for $9500 - a $4000 improvement on last year's top of $5500.

The 18 month-old bull weighed 792 kilograms and had Breedplan figures of 200-day growth +43, 400-day growth +77 and 600-day growth of +90.

The Jacobs calve 370 breeders at their property. Mr. Jacobs said type and structure originally drew him to Escala E810.

"Figures aren't a great concern for me", he said. "If he hasn't got the right type then figures don't matter as far as I'm concerned".

It was the first time the Jacobs had bought from Hazeldean and Mr. Jacobs said his selection process was a matter of walking what was on offer and picking what he liked.
"I didn't attend the field day. We just walked through the mob and saw what we liked and bought it," he said.

It was a strong sale, with buying support coming from mostly the Mid and Lower South East, but also from the Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu Peninsula.

The average price of the bulls, which were predominantly September-drop, reached $5338, which was a $1966 improvement on last year's sale.

Other highlights of the slae were lot 33, Hazeldean Elkhorn E712, reaching $9000 to help push the average up, wheil several other bulls sold for between $8000 and $8500.

The top voulme buyer for the day was Jim James of WV James and Son Cooranga, Lucindale, who bought six bulls at an average $6600.

Stud co-principal, Guy Cunningham, who is in partnership with Jim and Libby Litchfield and runs the South Australian branch of the Hazeldean stud at his property, Gumbowie, south of Willalooka, said the stron turnout at the stud's recent field day helped to push interest up for the sale bulls.

"We were thrilled with the sale. i think the field days are a very important part of the sale process and I thought that reflected in the sale," Mr. Cunningham said.

"The top price was good but we were also very strong in the middle ground of the sale with olot of good bulls making between $5000 and $7000."

Landmark was in charge of the sale with Gordon Wood as auctioneer.



  • Hazeldean Spring Bull Sale Results 2010

Story courtesy Brett Tindall, The Land


IN a year where bull sale averages were meant to be broken, the Litchfield family at Hazeldean Angus, Cooma, followed the script perfectly, lifting their average $1200 on the previous year.


They not only lifted their sale average dramatically but attracted buyers that had not been ringside at Hazeldean for 10 years.

The sale topped at $11,000 and averaged $5116 for the 41 of 46 sold last Tuesday, with 18 of the 24 actual buyers on the day taking home a single bull.

On the flip side managers of Bydand Pastoral Company, “Cooplacurripa”, Walcha, Peter and Sheree Turner, bent the curve buying nine bulls to a top of $6500 to average $4305.

The Turner’s said they had not bought at Hazeldean for 10 years, but previously had bought up to 30 bulls at Hazeldean and were drawn back to the do-ability of the bulls and how well they did on their country.

Mr Turner said they were looking for framey, meaty bulls to produce weaner steers in a backgrounding operation for Caroona and Killara feedlots, from their 3800 breeders of which 2000 are Angus and 1800 Hereford.

The top bull, a Sitz New Design son, weighing 844 kilograms with 46 centimtre scrotal was snapped up by Anthony De Pietra, “Craiglea”, Blayney, for $11,000, with a +5.7 for Birth Weight, high growth of +108 for 600 day, positive for eye muscle area, intra muscular fat percentage and rib and rump.

Mr De Pietra paid $6000 for a second New Design son and $7000 a piece for two Leachman Boom Time sons in his draft of four bulls, averaging $7750.

Long time clients the Phillips family,  Rock Flat via Cooma, bought three Bulls for $3500, while David Ryrie, “Michalago Station”, Michalago, paid to $6000 for three bulls, averaging $5333.

Romani Pastoral Company, “Garangula”, Harden, paid $7000 for a 832kg Boom Time son and $6500 for a 762kg New Design son, both with low to moderate birth weights, high growth and strong $Indexes.

Cavan Station Pty Ltd, “Cavan Station”, Yass, bought two bulls with low birth weights, good milk and 600 day growth, with positive EMA and IMF figures.

Brian and Helen Read, “South Lanyon”, Tharwa, ACT, rounded out the sale run solely by Hazeldean paying $7500 for a low birth weight son of New Design out of an Alberda Traveler cow.


  • Hazeldean Northern Performance Bull Sale Results 2010

story courtesy QCL


BEEF producers traveled from across southern and western Queensland to attend the Hazeldean Northern Performance Bull Sale at Jackson last Thursday.


Hazeldean principals, the Litchfield family, enjoyed a strong clearance, selling 108 Angus and Senegus bulls on offer.


The 85 Angus bulls averaged $4729 and topped at $8000 while 22 Senegus bulls averaged $3250.


The top price of $8000 was paid twice by Carruthers Pastoral, Skye, Alpha, who also took home a third Angus bull for $6500. The first, Lot 2, one of the heavier bulls in the draft at 846kg, was a son of Hazeldean Futura W133 with a low birth weight of +3.5 and a 600 day weight of +93, and excellent carcase EBV's; the second, Lot 17  a Hazeldean Destination son (BR Destination 727-928 grandsire) with Hazeldean Renaissance as his grand dam.

The volume buyers of the sale were Don, Cathy and Scott Bates, Winnathoola, Wallumbilla, who purchased 11 Angus bulls for an average of $5500.

The Copeland family also put together a tidy line of Angus bulls, buying five bulls for an average of $5000 for their Taroom property.

The Abdy family, Hillside, Cloncurry, purchased three Angus bulls through the ring for an average of $2500 before buying seven paddock bulls after the sale..

Cunnamulla’s Warner Partnership snapped up the lion’s share of the Senegus offering, taking home five Senegus bulls for an average of $3300.

Rickard Bucknell bought three Senegus bulls averaging $3300 for his Dirranbandi property, Calooma, before buying another two paddock bulls after the sale.

Campo Santo of Fairview Road at Roma bought four Angus bulls for an average of $5750.