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The Hazeldean herd consists of 3500 commercial, APR and stud cattle, which are bred and grazed on the Monaro in southern NSW, at Hay in the southern Riverina, and at Willalooka in the south-east of South Australia. The majority of breeding females are located on the companies Monaro properties, Hazeldean and Myalla.


Hazeldean cattle are renowned as being “good doing”, hardy cattle that will thrive in any climate. The female herd has a reputation of exceptional fertility, lower than average birth weights, excellent calving ease, teamed with high growth and above average carcase.


Hazeldeans core business is providing functional, profitable bulls to the commercial beef industry and this means first of all maximizing the number of pregnancies and the number of live calves hitting the ground, building on that base rapid growth rates and on top of that superior carcase data. This is the basis of any successful breeding enterprise.


Hazeldean selects for quiet temperament in their breeding program and sire selection and their cattle have an enviable reputation of being exceptionally quiet and easy to manage. This shows in the docility EBV’s of Hazeldean cattle. Temperament is highly heritable, it affects carcase quality, growth rate, and handling – any animal that shows bad temperament is culled.


The Hazeldean cow herd has an unequalled reputation among Australian Angus breeders and is recognized as the Rolls Royce of herds and the first choice from which to source replacement or base breeding females.


No other herd has the scale, genetic standard or depth of breeding that allows Hazeldean to apply the intense selection pressure necessary to create large numbers of even, balanced and highly productive bulls.


First and foremost, every bull you buy from Hazeldean is out of a cow that has calved unassisted as a two year old heifer. Every bull - and that is just the beginning...


Hazeldeans pre-eminent position results from over 80 years of astute cattle breeding carried out by the Litchfield family and a focus on functionality and profitability above all else.


Hazeldean cattle are:


Each year Hazeldean AI's over 1000 females to the world's best trait-leading sires and an extensive Embryo Transfer (ET) programme is conducted using genetics from the top cows in the Hazeldean herd. This maximises the rate of genetic gain and has cemented Hazeldean's position as the foremost herd of the Australian Angus industry.


Hazeldean cattle result from years of consistently breeding functional cattle, ignoring fads and trends, and applying knowledge, experience and technology towards profitable beef production.


Hazeldean blood cattle are adaptable to many environments and have been sold to beef breeders from Tasmania to the Northern Territory.


Hazeldean holds Australian record prices for commercial females and has been awarded for providing superior beef to Australian and overseas consumers.