Hazeldean Angus South Australian Bull Sale 2017

65 Performance Bulls

Tuesday  February 14th, 2017
Gumbowie, Willalooka
South Australia
Commencing 1.30pm (SA time)

Bulls will be on display at the South East Beef Field Days, SA

Monday  February 6th, 2017

Gumbowie, Willalooka, South Australia

We welcome you from 10.00am until 4.30pm

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Enquiries: Guy Cunningham
0429 875422  or  08  87578222 or 02 6453 5555
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Dear Angus Breeders,

It has been a long time coming but it would be fair to say most beef producers in Australia are benefiting from a good season and good prices as well. Those who have kept the faith are being paid for the quality they produce for domestic and global markets.

Hazeldean genetics continue to improve the main profit drivers in your beef enterprise. Labour efficiency and feed conversion continue to be an imperative – Hazeldean bulls fit within that theme with calving ease and above average growth being produced by a moderate and fertile female.

We welcome you to our South Australian beef field day on the 6 th February and our on property auction on the 14th February.         Guy Cunningham  January 2017


Hazeldean Angus clients at top of the market at the Naracoorte sales

At the second Naracoorte weaner sale last Friday. The heifers averaged $1214 across the yarding of 1471.


"Topping the market with the first pen of the sale was Donald Brown &Co, Keppoch, with 26 Hazeldean-blood Angus steers,420 kilograms, going for$1590 or $3.78/kg. The same vendor also sold 23 heifers, 373kg, for $1430 or $3.83/kg. The previous day, Donald Brown & Co sold 23 steers, 448kg, for $1570 or $3.50/kg and 24 steers, 389kg, for $1425 or $3.66/kg." 


"The first Naracoorte weaner sales of 2017 raked in a massive $6.55 million across two days.

There were 3407 steers sold on Thursday last week and 1471 heifers on Friday.

DK&JD Symonds, Edenhope, Vic, sold 23 EU steers, Hazeldean-bld, 412kg, for $1510 or $3.66/kg to Princess Royal. They also sold 21 steers, 380kg, for $1435 or $3.77/kg, and five weighing 326kg for $1330 or $4.07/kg.

courtesy Stock Journal Thursday Jan 12th


Hazeldean sire's exceptional performance in Angus Australia Sire Benchmarking Programme

The progeny of Hazeldean sires NHZF493 and NHZF1023 part of cohort 3 of the AA sire benchmarking programme have performed exceptionally well, in all traits including calving ease, growth, and particularly carcase– Out of progeny from 40 sires F1023 progeny ranked 1st for carcase IMF and 2nd for MSA index and F493 progeny were ranked 7th for IMF, and  3rd, 2nd and 4th for 200, 400 & 600 day weight.









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Carcase IMF

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MSA marble score

MSA Index


Progeny rank out of 40 sires













Progeny rank out of 40 sires












There were 24 progeny from F1023 and 29 progeny from F493
Summary of results of cohort 3

For full results go to AA 


As per Hazeldean's semen interests, Hazeldean retains the semen rights for both of these bulls. Contact Hazeldean if you would lie to purchase semen 


Improve your calving ease and pull less calves 

Hazeldean has been selecting for calving ease for more than 20 years - our heifers calve down easily with only a handful of the more than 300 calving heifers having any sort of difficulty. Any female who has problems calving for whatever reason is culled from the herd. Calving difficulties are not much fun to deal with and a live calf worth a hell of alot more than a dead one! Hazeldean bulls will sire females with "built-in" calving ease.

View Hazeldean Genetic Trends over the past 20 years    

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Reputation the Reward for Quality Breeding 

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Robin Steen  

Jono Spence                 

Josh Manser

PPHS Naracoorte

Spence Dix & Co.

PPHS Naracoorte








For more information contact Guy and Sarah Cunningham

phone: 08 87578222
mobile: 0429 875422

More information will be available in the new year.
Hazeldean Genetic Trends  [click to view]


Hazeldean Sales information

Hazeldean guarantee

Hazeldean Guarantees the structural and genetic integrity of all sale animals. The entry of every animal constitutes a guarantee by Hazeldean that the bull will be replaced, purchase price refunded or a credit issued (the option remaining with Hazeldean after discussion with the purchaser) if, for whatever reason, the purchaser is dissatisfied with the animal. Notice of dissatisfaction must be lodged within 12 months of sale.

After 12 months Hazeldean will replace, refund or credit, if an animal has broken down and in the opinion of a veterinary surgeon suffers from a genetic disorder other than corkscrew penis or the rigours of advancing age.

In other instances where significant loss arises simply from bad luck, Hazeldean will do its best to overcome the problem to the mutual  satisfaction of all.



Any animal that either dies or has to be destroyed due to injury within 28 days of sale will be replaced or refunded by Hazeldean. Additional insurance to cover death or loss of use after 28 days can be arranged at the sale.


Health Check

All sale bulls are thoroughly assessed by a vet prior to sale. Animals displaying faults likely to interfere with a normal & productive life are culled

The Hazeldean herd has been assessed & tested under the National Johnes Disease Market Assurance Program & holds an MN3 (monitored negative 3) status, the highest level.

Bulls are vaccinated for Vibriosis, Pestivirus, and receive a 7 in 1 vaccination

Queensland sale bulls are vaccinated for 3 day sickness and tick fever

We recommend that you organise a pre-mating bull examination at least 6 weeks prior to joining to ensure that he is in the best of health & capable of producing pregnancies. This should include a serving ability test where the bull is observed serving a cow or heifer.
Please note:
Although Hazeldean employs best practice procedures in livestock husbandry and does it's best to ensure every animal catalogued for sale is free from disease, internal parasites and external parasites it does not guarantee that any sale animal is free of disease, internal parasites or external parasites.


Hazeldean has an uncompromising approach to structural assessment with all bulls and females annually assessed and those failing the assessment are culled. No animal has received treatment to their feet.

The sales bulls have been independently assessed by Liam Cardile from BeefXcel.  Read more


Looking after your bulls when you get them home and how to get the most out of your bulls  Read more


Semen Terms & Conditions
Hazeldean retains semen rights on all bulls sold unless otherwise agreed upon, according to Hazeldean Semen Terms & Conditions.


Hazeldean Free Delivery

Within 100km of the sale venue Hazeldean will deliver bulls free of charge to the purchasers property

Between 100km and 1000km bulls will be delivered free to the nearest major centre



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