Hazeldean Angus is part of Hazeldean Pty Ltd, a pastoral enterprise owned and operated by the Litchfield family since 1865. It is one of the largest Angus seedstock operations in Australia, selling over 400 bulls throughout Australia each year. 

The company has breeding and grow out centres located on company owned properties in New South Wales, in the Monaro District in the harsh and frosty foothills of the Snowy Mountains, and in the Southern Riverina District where the rainfall is low, temperatures in summer are high and winters are cold.

In 2008, Hazeldean Angus established a joint venture in South Australia with Guy and Sarah Cunningham.  A herd of 200 Hazeldean females selected by Guy and Jim was despatched to their property Gumbowie at Willalooka in order to breed the sale bulls and future breeders for South Australia. The cow herd now numbers over 300 and the Hazeldean SA bull sale continues to grow, held and operated by the Cunninghams at Gumbowie in mid-February.
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Hazeldean also holds an annual bull sale at Jackson, in Queensland, now over 20 years selling at our auction in August, the first being held in 1994. For many years Hazeldean owned the well-known property Myall Plains near St, George, and now continues their commitment to supplying high performance angus and senegus bulls to northern producers at the Hazeldean Northern Performance Bull Sale in mid-August each year, now the largest sale of the year, selling around 200 bulls.


Hazeldean uses the best and most profitable genetics available worldwide and leads the breed in innovation and breeding technology.



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What does Hazeldean offer YOU?

Hazeldean’s number one priority is quality and this extends through the entire operation. We produce large lines of cattle through AI and ET programmes and quality is never compromised. Our focus is the commercial cattleman wanting to continually lift genetic progress of their herd.

As a Hazeldean client, you are joining a group of beef producers that value superior genetics, that will increase your profitsand give you access to premium markets. Buyer demand for Hazeldean blood cattle is strong, with steers and weanersselling to premiums, and feedlots seeking Hazeldean bred cattle.

Hazeldean sells over 400 bulls a year through our auction sales in NSW, SA and QLD, as well as through our contract
breeding programme. We invite you to inspect our herd at any of our locations.

Hazeldean cattle have earned a reputation over the past 60+ years, from commercial producers throughout Australia for
their superior fertility, calving ease, above average growth and carcase.The success of our clients is testament to our goal of maximising profits.

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INVEST from a cow herd with true depth of breeding


Easy calving females = more live calves = more profits

The bulls bred at Hazeldean come from a 3500 strong female herd with depth of breeding over more than 60 years.  Every female at Hazeldean must get in calf at 2 years of age and give birth to a live calf, then get back in calf again at 3 years. At Hazeldean we have had virtually no heifers with calving problems. Calving ease of the Hazeldean herd is far above the average for the angus breed.



BOOST your herd’s fertility

Hazeldean Angus are renowned for their high fertility and we continue to select sires with high fertility EBV’s. Selection pressure on females to breed a live calf every year is strict and any female who fails to do so for whatever reason is “out”.



SELECT  from a herd bred in tough conditions

All our cattle are bred under commercial conditions and share their paddocks with sheep. The main breeding base located in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains has tough, cold winters with severe frosts, and the cattle “do it tough”. They are renowned for their hardiness and their ability to thrive.

With experience in the north we know the sort of animal that is suitable to these conditions. Animals that can work in the heat, are capable of storing energy quickly as body fat when seasons permit and will not fall in a heap after calving but rather rebreed within two months post partum.



ACCEPT higher prices at the saleyards

Hazeldean blood animals command higher prices at market and are sought after by feedlotters and backgrounders.






Hazeldean Angus was founded in 1927 with the purchase of purebred commercial Angus females. The registered herd was established in 1952 with the importation of in calf heifers from six New Zealand studs. At the same time as the registered females were purchased, the very best of Hazeldean's commercial cows were upgraded to the bull producing unit and pedigrees recorded. Since that time Hazeldean has provided the beef industry with large numbers of high quality, high performing stud and commercial Angus bulls.

In 1960 Hazeldean was one of the first beef herds in the world to embrace the concept of Performance Testing. By using measured weight gain for selection, the stud made much faster progress. Selection on measured gain remains a cornerstone of the stud today.

Today the stud uses all available means to maximise the rate of genetic gain. Each year a large Artificial Insemination (AI) and Embryo Transfer (ET) programme is undertaken using the breeds most proven, progeny tested sires.