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"With 2500 cattle in our production system, we choose to buy from Hazeldean as they are a large scale, well respected, commercially run herd, run in harsh conditions. Their temperament is outstanding, they are very easy doing and the calves have gone on to perfrom very well in our herd. They are very fertile, we have minimal breakdowns and if we do have a problem Hazeldean is exceptionally good in helping us out." 
Libby Creek - Hillcrest Pastoral Co. Lucindale, SA

"Hazeldean cattle come from a very strong commercially oriented female herd. They always run the top end of our weaner sale and suit many varying markets. After 18 years it's still a pleasuer to be able to come back every year and buy the cattle you want." 
Robin Steen - Pinkerton Palm Hamlyn & Steen, Keith, SA 

Saxen Graziers is an Angus breeding operation of  approx 650 breeders. The breeding country is west of Adaminaby at an average altitude of 1200m. The proprietors are Ineke and Guy Stephens who have been operating the business for the last ten years. Previous to this, the herd was run by Guy’s parents, Hugh and Elizabeth, who established links with Hazeldean close to 50 years ago. The main breeding traits Saxen Graziers have been selecting for have been, growth, milk, fertility, calving ease and doing ability so that the cattle can survive and prosper in there incredibly tough winters up there in the snowy mountains. Over the years Saxen Graziers have bought many Hazeldean bulls with over 60% of their bull paddock Hazeldean sires.“The reason we continue to repeat buy is they are so sound in structure, the break down rate is minimal, and they have all the breeding traits we are pursuing.”
Guy Stephens – Saxen Graziers, Adaminaby, NSW

"As we are a totally commercial beef production business, our profitability is governed by environmental adaptation, functional efficiency and market compliance.After much research into Angus genetics we decided to use Hazeldean bulls for the following reasons:Hazeldean

  • Has a large gene pool that is run under a totally commercial environment

  • Provides objective data on all animals

  • Is operated by people of the highest integrity

Hazeldean has a unique philosophy for efficient beef production and unparalleled client support.The outcomes have proved very encouraging within this harsh environment. We have identified a marked improvement in both our yearling heifer conceptions and the ability of our bullocks to dress above 300kg with 8-22mm fat and no more than 4 teeth off grass"Steve Taylor, Wetlands, Augathella, QLD 




"After inspecting several angus studs 15 years ago and speaking to commercial producers who are using Hazeldean bulls in country not unlike ours we decided to buy some Hazeldean bulls to breed replacement bulls for our 1000 head brahman and brahman cross cow herd.We were very impressed with the simple and practical approach used by the Litchfields in shaping their stud's direction.We were particularly impressed with the early scrotal development in their bulls and in general with the entire Hazeldean herd.In 2000 we brought our first Hazeldean bulls to our property situated 40km east of Hughenden. The Hazeldean bulls and their progeny have impressed us in that they are quiet, practical, easy going cattle. This has led to more Hazeldean bulls joining our herd every year since. The integrity of the Litchfields, together with the guarantee that comes with the bulls makes our Hazeldean bulls a very attractive investment." 
Reay and Lindy Cowan, Hughenden, QLD


"We run 500 breeders on improved pastures in the Northern New England tablelands near Stanthorpe. We first purchased Hazeldean bulls in 1988 as we were impressed with the extensive herd recording and quality of cattle at Hazeldean.The Hazeldean bulls and their progeny have good temperament and great doing ability. Steer calves weaned at approximately 300kg have been consistently sought to supply the premium Japanese liveweight market as well as topping local weaner markets.Most heifer calves are kept and joined to calve at two years old. We have found their fertility and mothering ability to be very good. We use Hazeldean genetics not only for their performance but also for the guarantee and support that goes with the purchase of a Hazeldean bull"

Rod and Glenda Reeves, Wyuna, Stanthorpe QLD


"I work full time off farm and it is essential that I have a low maintenance herd. I like the way the calves grow out and their ability to do well here, but the main reason I buy Hazeldean bulls is the ease of calving- I haven't had to pull a calf for 5 years, not even out of my heifers, and this means savings in management time and higher profitability.The heifers grow out well, milk well and rear some of the heaviest weaners and on top of that seem to get back in to calf readily.Both the herd and the bulls are quiet and easy to handle.I sell the steer caves at 10-11 months and heifers at 15 months and my calves are always at the top of the market. My second draft heifers always top the sale with buyers usually taking them home to join straight away." 
Shane Callaghan, Mansfield, VIC


"The foundation for a profitable commercial herd is based upon getting live calves on the ground fast with no assistance and the ability of those calves to grow out quickly under natural conditions.When buying Hazeldean bulls I know I'm buying proven genetics form a herd expressing great maternal traits, growth, fertility and the ability to do really well under those conditions. With over 40 years of performance recording, the Hazeldean herd has a depth and balance of performance traits hard to find anywhere else.It gives me great confidence to buy bulls from people who will stand behind their product all the way. When marketing cattle, I have great opportunities because of the Hazeldean strength in my herd. The mention of Hazeldean blood always assures me of prices at the top end of any sale we attend." 
David Mott, Collingullie, NSW